Haute Couture

creative handcrafted art

Our clothes are full of little touches that will put a smile on your face whenever you or your child wears them.

We love using natural fabrics…
…and believe that things should last.

They feel really comfortable on your  or your child’s skin.

Haute Couture

is one of a Kind Fashion Design. You will get a unique, personally designed garment .

How I work:
    1.   You bring your own fabrics or get them from my store.
    2.   We will sit together and talk about the design you'd like

           to get.
                  -  a magazine picture
                  -  your own design
                  -  my design
    3.   I take 20 measurements.
    4.   2 fittings
    5.   Now YOU are one of a kind.

This is very personal and that’s why I don’t have store hours. Meetings at my fashion and design studio are by appointment only.


Please send e-mail for a appointment